You know how much we love the homemade playdough recipes we’ve been making. This is the clay from MaryAnn Kohl’s First Art, which I’ve probably posted at least 20 times.
It’s great. The texture is smooth, the playdough is flexible, and you can play a lot with this batch. It also lasts almost forever.

So, how does a no cook playdough recipe compare?

We’ve made five different no cook playdough recipes so far. Some use cold water, some use boiling hot water. Most of the other ingredients are the same but vary slightly in amounts. The recipes with the cold water are grainier and a bit drier in general.

Here’s the the no cook playdough recipe I like the very best, which uses the hot water method. I’ll show you a video tutorial of how to make it, share a recipe, and then tell you how no cook playdough compares to cooked playdough recipes.

See? Wasn’t that easy? Now, here’s the recipe.