Get the best art supplies for toddlers with our tried-and-true advice. Visit The Artful Parent Amazon store for more art materials for toddlers ages 18 months to 3 years! Original post by Jean Van’t Hul, updated by Rachel Withers.
Are you looking for the best art supplies for your toddler? As a parent, it can be overwhelming to know where to start and what art supplies you really need at this stage.

These are The Artful Parent’s top tips for art supplies for toddlers, which we use over and over again with our own children and art classes. It goes without saying that art materials must be durable and vibrant (the latter providing a satisfying art experience for young children).

  1. Kwik Stix egg tempera brushes
    Kwik Stix is perfect for young children and comes with our warmest recommendation. The tempera paint sticks come in a plastic case. They glide smoothly with almost no pressure and the colors are very vibrant. These work well on paper and cardboard and are a very easy painting option.
  1. Playdough
    We love making homemade playdough! This no-cook playdough recipe is quick and easy to make, and the colors and scents are completely customizable. Or try our cooked playdough recipes that last almost forever.

If you’re looking for playdough to buy, we recommend Colorations playdough. We also highly recommend this playdough tool set!

3. Colorations Simply Washable Tempera Paints

If you’re only going to buy one kind of paint, this is what to get. Use it for everyday paint on paper, cardboard and poster board.

4. Colorations Liquid Watercolors

Because they are just gorgeous and vibrant. Liquid watercolors are easier for toddlers to use than the traditional pan watercolors. These are long lasting and useful for a variety of art and science activities.

5. Squeeze glue

Yes, toddlers will squeeze until they have a puddle of glue on their cardboard or paper. But they’ll have fun with it, and the glue is cheap and 100% worth it.

Remember, this is also a great hand strengthening exercise that helps develop fine motor skills. If your child has difficulty squeezing a normal size squeeze bottle, try using a mini bottle.

6. Faber Castell Gel Crayons

These are somewhere between a regular crayon and an oil pastel in hardness and come in a hard plastic case making them easy to grip. Just twist up the pastel as you need more. The neon version is especially bright and colorful!

7. DJECO Finger Paint

Kids can use tempera paint with their fingers, but finger paint has the perfect smooth texture for smearing around on paper and it stays moist for much longer. For more options, check out our post on the BEST fingerpaints for young kids.

8. Kitpas Art Crayons

More like oil pastels than crayons, these versatile art sticks are easier for toddlers to create vibrant marks and make a nice crayon substitute. They can even be used on windows!