Add figurines and take your child’s Play-Doh play to a whole new level of fun with Small World Pretend Play!

We love Play-Doh. While we use it for building, creating and sensory play, we most often use it for pretend play.

Whenever we pull out Play-Doh, dinosaurs, Paw Patrol puppies and various other little characters end up coming out as well. My kids couldn’t resist using Play-Doh to create lots of little worlds for their little creatures.

This open-ended play ends up being more independent and lasts longer than when my kids are using playdough in other ways. Once the materials are out, I often sit back and watch as little worlds are created, stories are acted out, and my kids are completely immersed in their play.

Small World Playdough Play for Kids

Because this so often is what my kids prefer to do with playdough, I’ve started keeping a variety of materials perfect for creating small worlds together in a big Tupperware container. The materials aren’t fancy and are frequently added to as we go. They include:

My kids like to use the playdough as a base for the figurines to stand in, as hills, volcanoes, and other landforms, as houses, and much more.

Playdough is seamlessly incorporated into their small world play, adding a new and different level of creative play to the entire experience, each time they play.