What do you do with Play-Doh? The humble Play-Doh has great potential as a consistent art material that my kids have been drawn to time and time again.

Maybe you want some fun ideas to invite your child to explore playing with Play-Doh. Here is a list of playdough activities for toddlers and preschoolers to make, play and learn with playdough.

Playdough Activities for Kids

Check out this video full of creative playdough play ideas, and then keep scrolling for even more fun ideas. And don’t miss The Artful Parent go-to homemade playdough recipes for both cooked and no cook playdough.

1 Playdough Activities forToddlers

Playdough dress up (from Redviolet Studio)

How fun is this idea from Catalina? Gather up some plastic animals and kids can give them a whole new look!