Fun ideas on how to draw with chalk paint. Try this outdoor art activity for kids with our easy recipe!

Chalk painting is a fun outdoor art activity that my family participates in every spring and summer. We come out of a long Maine winter and it feels so good to be back outside.

I can get rid of the mess better outdoors and the kids can have fun. The main advantage is that similar to painting with chalk, this DIY paint washes off with water.

There is no right way to do chalk paint, it is a fun material to experiment with. I like it because it’s cheap, quick to mix, and kids can use it (almost) completely freely.

If you’re looking for how to make chalk paint, try this simple recipe to get started.

Chalk Paintings
Paint a rainbow, explore a nature theme, or use this opportunity to paint a big picture outdoors! Chalk painting is a great opportunity to explore the new “canvas” that surrounds us.

Some ideas to help you get started.

What to paint

Your kids may need no inspiration or direction to started. And if that’s the case, go with it! Chalk painting is a wonderful opportunity to be free and explore an art material.

But if you’re looking for some ideas, here’s a place to begin:

  • rainbows
  • sun / nature themes
  • create an underwater world
  • write with paint
  • paint patterns

Where to paint

  • outdoor chalk board
  • patio
  • rocks
  • brick sidewalk
  • driveway
  • stones edging the garden

At the end of our painting session, it was fun to use up the rest of the paint with splatter painting. With just a flick of the wrist, the paint literally flew.