Microwave puffy painting art is easy and great fun for the kids! Stir up the paint in the kitchen cabinets, squeeze out the photos, and microwave them.

The kids have been asking for repeat performances since we had so much fun with Microwave Paint a few months ago.

So when we saw the fluffy painted snowflakes on Inner Child Fun, we decided now was the perfect time.

We made puffy painted snowmen, snowflakes, snowstorms, candy canes and more. All kinds of winter puffy painting art!

Plus, we came up with a little trick to make puffy paint (even) easier to make and work better!

Winter Microwave Fluffy Paint Art



Mix the fluffy paint in a blender with flour, salt and water and blend until super smooth (make sure there aren’t any fluffy chunks of paint clogging the tip of the squeeze bottle and causing your child heartburn!)

Add to the squeeze bottlePour the white fluffy paint directly from the blender into the squeeze bottle, reserving about half of the regular fluffy paint for coloring to red and green.

The easiest way to color the fluffy paint we have found is to leave half in the blender and pour half temporarily into a cup or bowl. Add the red food coloring to the fluffy paint in the blender, mix, and pour into a squeeze bottle. Quickly rinse the blender and add the remaining fluffy paint mixture and green food coloring. Mix and then pour into a squeeze bottle.

  1. That’s a lot of explanation for a simple process! And you could, of course, do it any way you like. But we found that using the blender was much easier and produced a better, smoother puffy paint and was easier to pour (rather than using spoons to transfer it to the squeeze bottles as before).

  1. Now that you have your puffy paint, you are ready to make some puffy paint art!
  2. Make puffy paint artSqueeze the puffy paint out onto the blue or black poster board as desired to make winter scenes, Christmas art, abstract designs, or words.

  1. Puff it up!Then, cook on high for 30 seconds in the microwave and watch it puff up! The artworks with a lot of puffy paint may need to double that time.

  1. Now it’s dry to the touch, so no more waiting around for hours or days for a painting to dry.

Note: You could do this with just white for the snow flakes and snow scenes and it would be even quicker and easier to set up. We liked having the additional colors, though, especially for adding details. Plus they make it look so festive!

puffy painting pictures
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

These were so fun to make, and you can hang them up, or use them as cards to give with presents! Do you think you’ll try making holiday puffy paint art this year?