Have you ever tried salt fluffy paint? I don’t know many people who have, but it’s great.

The paint is just a mixture of equal parts salt, flour and water, with a little tempera paint.

It’s super easy and cheap to make!

You use a squeeze bottle (half the fun!) You apply it with a squeeze bottle (half the fun!) or an icing bag, and because of the viscosity of the paint, it stays raised, just like frosting. So the “fluffy paint” doesn’t actually feel fluffy even when you touch it. Once the paint dries, it becomes hard and crystalline (all that salt!).

Colors remaining separate in salt puffy paint

What’s cool is that the colors stay separate rather than mix. You could squeeze out a puddle of yellow salt paint, then add drops of blue on top and those drops of blue would hold their shape and color and separateness until dried.

Everyone seems to love using this kind of paint! From youngest toddlers just getting the joy of squeezing a bottle and watching the paint come out to older kids and even adults.

I’ll show you a brief video I created, showing how to make and use the salt puffy paint, then give the step-by-step instructions and photos.

DIY Salt Puffy Paint

You don’t need much to make salt puffy paint. In fact, you probably already have everything in your kitchen cupboard.

You’ll need:

*Icing bags or plastic sandwich bags with a hole cut in the corner work okay, too, but are not quite as ideal.


  1. Make your salt puffy paintWhisk together equal parts flour, salt, and water. Then mix in color. That’s all!
    For the color, I use food coloring sometimes and a tablespoon or two of tempera paint for the color other times. Both work.
  1. Use your salt puffy paint for kids’ artOnce you have your Squeeze bottles of the puffy paint (in at least two colors), all you need is heavy paper or card stock. (We’ve also done this with card stock, watercolor paper, cardboard, poster board, foam core, and paper plates).
  1. Squeeze the puffy paint onto card stock or heavy paperYou can make any image, design, or abstract marks desired.
  1. Try adding a second color on top of the firstAs I said earlier, the colors remain separate and don’t mix, which is an interesting aspect of this art.
    Continue until your artwork is finished. Then make another!
  1. Lay your artworks flat to dryDepending on how much paint was used, these may take from 1 to 3 days to dry completely.
    (That’s a shoe rack, by the way. I bought it for $14.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond and it works great as an art drying rack!)

Puffy Paint Heart - Dried Hard and Crystalline

Once the artworks dry, the salt puffy paint is hard and crystalline from all the salt and flour.

Salt Puffy Paint Examples and Ideas