Looking for creative playdough ideas for kids? Here’s a video that shows these ideas in action, including making fantasy creatures, using poke-ins, trying out playdough mats, spelling letters, and pretend play.

More Than 15 Creative Playdough Ideas for Kids

Playdough is a big-time standby for us and has been since Maia was a toddler.

A big batch of homemade playdough will see us through months of making and modeling, pretend play, and pretend cooking.

Part creative, part therapeutic, playdough can be used for so much!

Here’s a video showing kids playdough ideas in action. Below, I’ll list of different ideas and techniques and then share some of my kids recent playdough play.

Playdough Ideas and Techniques 

  • Playdough can be shaped and molded.
  • Rolled and cut.
  • Stamped and pressed.
  • And it accepts all kinds of poke-ins and embellishments.