Fluffy paint for kids is fun to make and play with. Here are five ways to achieve sensory art experiences and 3D art.
Updated May 2022

We don’t know what PUFFY PAINT is, but every kid we know loves fluffy painting art activities.

We’ve tried the different DIY puffy paint recipes we’ve shared as well as store-bought puffy paints, and we thought we’d share five of our favorites.

Try these fluffy painting ideas with your kids and have a fun sensory experience while creating 3D artwork.

5 Ways to Make Puffy Paint for Kids

1. DIY Puffy Paint for Kids

This puffy paint is amazing! It’s the puffiest of puffy paint, puffing up even more after it’s dried.

2. Microwave Puffy Paint Art

Watch it puff up before your eyes as it cooks for 30 seconds in the microwave! Add essential oils for an added sensory element.

3. A Salt Puffy Paint Recipe

It’s raised and little kids love to mix it, squeeze it out, and create art with it but I wouldn’t call it puffy per se. It dries 3D but is hard and crystalline.

4. Foam Paint Process Art

So puffy! So foamy! You can make DIY foam paint or splurge for the store-bought version. Either one is a guaranteed hit!

5. Shaving Cream + Paint

What kid doesn’t love shaving cream? You can combine shaving cream and paint for a DIY foam paint experience, swirl the paint into the shaving cream for a gorgeous marbling effect, or use the shaving cream as a sensory material, with or without paint.

How about you? Have you ever tried the art of fluffy painting with your kids?